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Available Now on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, and Steam.

Suspenseful & terror-packed gameplay

Slappy has escaped from the pages of Goosebumps and reunited his family of Monsters. It’s up to you to stop Slappy’s dastardly plan to unleash the Goosebumps monsters into our world. To trap Slappy back into his book you’ll have to solve puzzles and outwit the Goosebumps monsters. Can you survive Slappy’s wrath and defeat him?

Escape from monsters based on the bestselling Goosebumps series

Hide from monsters summoned from classic Goosebumps tales while exploring and solving puzzles.

Solve puzzles in classic Goosebumps locations

As you find the missing pages from R.L. Stine’s book, you’ll need to navigate the twisted and overgrown conservatory to confront Dr. Brewer and climb the heights of Tesla’s Tower to stop Slappy’s plans.

Available Now on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, and Steam.

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